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During covid our courses are on Hold until further notice please call or email us for more information or to make an online booking.

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Training is split in to 5 levels and levels include the following areas of training:

The Brain and how it works
Self Leadership
self awareness
Building self esteem
combating nervousness
Reprogramming using reframing
Equation of Happiness
Focus Questions
Breaking old Patterns
Values Beliefs and Customs
New Values & Rules
Our System: How it works
Focus Questions
Digital Tech skills everyone should know

The 5 Levels:

A Call for Courage foundation 1 next course On Hold due to covid venue TBA Book for tickets cost for day course $585

Shine The Light Foundation 2  Next Course Date TBA Venue TBA Cost 4585

Intermediate Level 3  Next Course Date TBA Venue TBA Cost $585

Advanced Level 4  Next Course Date TBA Cost $585

Digital Tech and Software Level 5  Next Course Date TBA Venue TBA Cost $585

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every course that we offer.