1.Who is the founder and CEO of Leadership Development Programme.com?

Our Names are Jacqui Huntley & Jan Murdoch, we are the founders of Public Speaking and Leadership Academy along with LDP and Inner Circle Masterminds. We are Knowledge Brokers for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi and also Ambassador’s for David JP Phillips of JP University in Sweden.

2. Who is David Phillips?

We have teamed up with David Phillips and the JP University to bring our members the very best knowledge and tools to grow in confidence, build leadership qualities, enhance their communication skills, Learn skills in neurotransmitters and how they empower what you’re doing and communicating to others. David is an expert speaker, his skills are amazing at teaching our students to overcome fear of networking or presenting in front of an audience.

3. How are Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi involved in this course?

For over 2 years Jan and I have been looking at ways to best serve entrepreneurs to help elevate their mindset to one of success. Throughout this time, we were incredibly blessed to have gained insight from the best in the business, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and also Russel Brunson. Who have designed all our tools, coached us through the course we offer and encouraged us to pass on this knowledge to you. Anyone who would like to become a Knowledge Broker we can give you the opportunity to work with Tony and Dean.

So, it is now with full confidence we offer you the very best tools available to accelerate success in your own business.


As the name suggests, A CALL FOR COURAGE, calls for you to look deep within, to extract your core competencies, find clarity as well as a sense of certainty to gain the momentum needed to succeed in life and business.


We walk you through and anchor each step you need to follow in order to achieve your most important goals faster than ever before.


Whether you’re trying to climb the ladder in your current job, create a profitable online business or take your existing business to the next level, A call for courage will give you the missing piece of the puzzle to finally turn your dreams into reality.


Now what makes this program different to any other program out there, is that this isn’t just a collection of ideas or principles, It’s a collective proven formula, derived from more than 60 years collectively of knowledge and experience to set you on your way to succeed in business and in life.


All you need to do is take your most important life goals, apply the formula and you WILL get results.


Here’s a sneak peek at what’s covered in the Foundation one A call for courage workshop


* Personality Profiling (Know your true colours)


* What does it take to succeed


* Finding your Superpower


* Seven levels Deep


* The Clarity Tool


* The wrap up Tool


4. What is the Public Speaking and Leadership Academy

This is something your locksmith might ask you if you are looking to get your

We recently became ambassadors for David JP Phillips. David is the founder of JP University and has devoted his entire life to the skill of communication. With his three successful TEDx talks and numerous studies, one could say that, he in a way reinvented communication. Now he’s also reinvented the way you can learn it. Check him out here.    https://www.davidjpphillips.com/online-course/

Why? Because your communication and presentation skills are the most important skills in your entire life! They will influence every relationship you have, every presentation you deliver and any communication situation you are ever in. Simply everything you are and become.

So excited about this union, we decided to offer a very special gift. Should you enrol directly in this JP University course, David will further give you a 20% discount. Please use the code:  JPU plsacademy 

And here is the best part, PSL Academy does Not receive any commission. Instead, David will allow us to enrol children Under the age of 16 in the JP University course free of charge. David’s Vision is to allow children, everywhere in the world, access to the JP University course work for free and here is how You can help make this possible. The more people who enrol in the JP University via our PSL Academy, the more it will enable us, to teach these Communication Skills in our schools and impact the lives of our children for the better.

PSL Academy is now able to deliver this amazing course, under the close watch of David himself. We endorse and partner in David’s Vision, and have made a commitment to help fund the course via our academy by not taking any affiliate commissions.

Public Speaking & Leadership Academy also proudly offers an Online Programme. Live every Thursday 5.30 – 8.00pm (AWST) Via Zoom for the unbelievably Low price of just $10 AU. You can enjoy an interactive learning environment and if you wish, take part in pitching yourself to a small group of friends, you will be offered constructive feedback to help you grow. So, to all you Entrepreneurs who have a message to share, what are you waiting for? Come and learn the art of Communication. You won’t regret it. The first two meetings are free. Register on the Eventbrite link below


5. How do I Pay for my course?

You can pay us by credit card via eventbrite when you book your ticket for the course.

book here at: http://leadershipdevprog.eventbrite.com.au 



If you have any questions about LDP feel free to send us an email below, or alternatively contact Jan on Phone.

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About Us

Be the best leader you can be and change your life!

LDP gives the core foundations in leadership.

It has five levels.

We set out to build a programme that allows you to identify your passion and have the courage to grow as a leader whether in business, family, work or just because you were born too?

We have been coached by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi. We have designed our leadership programme for you to gain the core foundations in leadership. This programme is the first of five levels you can master to become the best leader you can be and change your life.

You can listen and learn from experts in the field of mindset, marketing, sales and entrepreneurship.

You will receive all the strategies and tricks of the trade that will skyrocket your success.

We supply all the tools and skills that can help you and your business grow to the fullest potential and become more productive than any other programme sold on the market today.

With over 60 years of combined knowledge, we have utilised our talents and devised 5 systematic teaching courses, for schools small and start-up businesses right up to corporate managers, directors and CEOs alike?

So, if you would love to change the course of your life or business, with real people to relate too, then this is for you.

If you think this would be a fit for you, we are running courses aimed at five (5) different levels, to ensure your success.

Check out the first foundational level one
‘A call for courage’ Face to Face Course

What’s in it the course;
Personality Profiling
What you need to Succeed
Finding Your Inner Abilities
Digging deep to find the real you
Getting Clarity
and lots more.

Please note this is an interactive course and will require you to be involved in activities.
we look forward to meeting you and developing a fantastic business growth development relationship.

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