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“To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.”

(Winston Churchill )


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Training is split in to 5 levels and levels include the following areas of training:

The Brain and how it works
Self Leadership
self awareness
Building self esteem
combating nervousness
Reprogramming using reframing
Equation of Happiness
Focus Questions
Breaking old Patterns
Values Beliefs and Customs
New Values & Rules
Designing a System: How it works for you?
Focus Questions
Practice speaking in public
Digital Tech skills everyone should know

“Join in the fun and laughter while you Train” Interested? Let’s chat.”

“Whether you’re requiring Personal or Staff training, thinking about, or just started a new or home based business you will need new skillsets and an upgrade in mindset!

About Me

My Name is Jacqui Huntley

“With 40 Years of Combined Knowledge (in leadership roles ranging from the Royal Air Force, Nursing, Child Health and Midwifery, Approved Driving Instructor and UK motorway examiner, Real Estate Agent, Team Leader, Small business owner Cattery and rescue centre, and now an elected local councillor) my mentors and I can bring you the most comprehensive Leadership course on the Planet.”

What customers are saying about this course:


“Motivational keynote speaker” “Super friendly and understanding. Goes above and beyond to get your mindset working and enabling you to control your emotions.”

“Helped me out and super professional!”

“High professionalism.
As a start-up small business owner efficiency and quality of work is important to me. Jacqui’s
knowledge, honest approach and passion helped me overcome my fears.

The professional training and tools received from start to finish was an excellent experience.

I highly recommend this course to everyone.”

“Great course everyone was friendly and efficient. I am coming back for leadership 2. Can’t wait to see everyone again”