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Is your business looking to take its staff to the next level in communication and Leadership?
Do you have a story to tell and to scared to tell it?
THEN....You need to take a look at this?

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You will Learn to expose 'Emotion' so many times that you learn to harness it

We are going to challenge you, to see how far we can take you to the next level?

We’re going to transfer your energy into a functional 'strong why' in yourself that drives your 'values' towards motivation and sparks your flame.
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We Run Face To Face and Online Live Training Courses throughout the Year
Our courses include:

The Brain and how it works
Self Leadership
self awareness
Building self esteem
combating nervousness
Reprogramming using reframing
Equation of Happiness
Focus Questions
Breaking old Patterns
Values Beliefs and Customs
New Values & Rules
Our System: How it works
Focus Questions
Digital Tech skills everyone should know
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Join our weekly Public Speaking and Leadership Training live on Zoom every Thursday:

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      Whether you’re requiring Personal or Staff training, thinking about, or just started a new or home based business you will need new skillsets and an upgrade in mindset!
      we look forward to solving your issues! We can come to you in all areas of Perth from Yanchep to Mandurah and in WA with our face to face programmes or live Online outside these areas during Covid restrictions.
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      When It Comes To Trust
      Our Names are Jacqui Huntley & Jan Murdoch

      With 60 Years of Combined Knowledge and our mentors Tony and Dean behind us. We bring you the most comprehensive Leadership course on the Planet.
      Jacqui Huntley & Jan Murdoch Founders of LDP & PSLA

      What our customers are saying about us

      Super friendly and understanding. Goes above and beyond to get your mindset working and enabling you to control your emotions.


      Motivational keynote speaker

      Helped me out and super professional!

      coming soon

      coming soon

      As a start up small business owner efficiency and quality of work is important to me. Jacqui
      & Jans knowledgeable, honest and passion helped me overcome my fears. The professional training and tools received from start to finish was an excellent experience. I highly recommend LDP to everyone.

      Bruce Dick

      Start up Business

      Great course everyone was friendly and efficient. I am coming back for leadership 2 'Shine your light' Can't wait to see everyone again again!

      Rich M

      Motivational Coach


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